Hello Goodbye, T’was nice to know you
How I find myself without you 
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WIP for a friend

Your ex-lover is dead - Stars


i can barely even draw backgrounds and things that aren’t people how do you freaking expect me to animat e the whole gosh danglydoo song

See those smudges on the SHIELD? Yeah that was when I was with my friends and I kept messing up on the spelling so they made fun of it which was what inspired the comic on the right. Im sorry I was at school and I forgot the actual dialogue and im sorry weeps

did the arclights come back 478as8 times more richer and fabulous?

Remember this picture (sorry i cant find original post)

i got really carried out today i didnt even try to draw a proper dragon. instead i drew things to motivate me and write really silly things like gosh if im ever a science teacher i will use that picture of v and kaito and put it on my wall and just explain how cool science is wow no really.

i think you would be happy to know i named my physics team ‘the ottoman empire’ and the class was so confused I kept hearing someone questioning my choice.

i gave up drawing my stupidly overpowered dragon halfway i think ill finish it for tomorrow cause i relaly like it. also i was sitting beside this cute guy in math and my stomach made this satanic noise and im pretty sure everyone in the class and alaska heard it.